Our Re-manufacturing Process

Our Certifications



ISO 9001:2015 is the most comprehensive level of the ISO 9000 series, covering everything from design and development through production and distribution of products and services. The overall objective is to establish a system to improve product quality and reliability.

ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 14001:2015 are the international specifications for an environmental management system (EMS). They specify requirements for establishing an environmental policy, determining environmental aspects and impacts of products/activities/services, planning environmental objectives and measurable targets, implementation and operation of programs to meet objectives and targets, checking and corrective action and management review.

STMC stands for the Standardized Test Methods Committee. The International Imaging Technology Council (Int’l ITC) administers the STMC program, assures its proper usage and polices against misuse of the STMC program and logos. For more than a decade, the STMC symbol has been the remanufacturing industry’s indicia of quality. The test methods are used to evaluate toner printer cartridge performance. STMC uses certain ASTM test methods to evaluate a finished cartridge in comparison to another cartridge, typically an OEM cartridge.

Our Values

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Quality is our number one priority. Our re-manufacturing process is top notch and our products comply with all quality management requirements.


30 day money back guarantee.

Cost Effective

By re-manufacturing and recycling previously used materials, we are able to significantly cut costs without sacrificing quality


Having fun, being passionate and enjoying what you do makes for a more productive team. That attitude is evident in all we do. Our people enjoy what they do and the energy it creates is evident in how we serve our client.


We are very committed to support family. So goes the family, so goes society. We value families and promote that. We are a family at ImagingNow so the same applies here.


Passion for Service/People/Business

Our Mission

To provide a premium product for a reasonable price.